Leader Checklist 

  1) Advertise your event : a week or so ahead, send a message out with nptgroupnotes@googlegroups.com

  2) Get signatures from everyone. All non-members must sign a  waiver 

  3) Send this completed form with event highlights to :

            Northern Paddle & Trail

            PO Box 334

            Rhinelander, WI 54501

Assign a lead and a sweep

  • Plan for pairs or a buddy system.
  • Be aware of individual capabilities.
  • Be aware of group dynamics
  • People who will enhance the outing (or people who might compromise the safety or enjoyment of the outing)
  • Be familiar with the safety information here > Paddle and Bike Safety

Fill Out Event Highlights

Name and Description of Event

Date / Location

​Leaders(s) / Participants

Send an email to club members with highlights from your event and a picture or two

Things to Remember

Describe what to expect on your outing.

  • Length of trail
  • Weather concerns
  • Trees down
  • Faster than normal hill
  • Sweepers
  • Current
  • Rock gardens ahead